Young & Free

After talking to my brother in-law about the camp I will be preaching at this summer, we realized we needed a theme. We don't have to have one but it helps. After hearing pieces of Snoop & Wiz's "Young, Wild and Free" song and then allowing God to arrest my mind about what it really means to be young and free, we decided on the theme "Young and Free". So my thought was why don't I cut a thematic stencil that I can take with me to the camp. I cut a 3 layered stencil of some guy with a snap back. I'm no stranger to 3 layered stencils, but I pushed some limits in my mind in order to give myself some artistic freedom on this project. Two Xacto blades and 6 pieces of posterboard later I have the largest 3 layered stencil I have ever done.

I decided to test the stencil out on an old cabinet door I salvaged out of a dumpster down the street and then installing it at this old boarded up house. No harm done. Just giving away free art. 
Two days later it was gone.

What if freedom isn't about having the ability to choose self destructive behavior, but instead choosing not to and knowing the true freedom of a life in relationship with a living God?